Indoor Games For Your Kids At Home

In times when the rainy and cloudy weather is not conducive for children to enjoy their games, what then would you do? There are still lots of goofy and fun ways to help them pass their time indoors. These fun indoor games below offer cheerful ways to wait out the harsh weather right in the comfort of your home.
Four Corners
Four Corners is both fun and interesting. Each corner of the room will be given a number while someone will sit at the middle. Four people will be placed at each of these sections of the room. They will stay quietly to avoid being selected by the player at the center. Then, another player will stand at the middle of the room wearing a blindfold. Each selected person at the corner drops from the game until the last man standing, who will be declared the winner.
Mirror Dance
This is a slightly physical game that can be played by 4 or more persons. It is easy and enjoyable. It’s also a great way for you and your kids to kip fit through dancing. Here, select a leader that will start a dance-able song. When the leader sings and dances, others follow by taking the same dancing move. When the leader yells “Free-for-all”, the dancers can make their own dancing moves. Next, another leader is selected and the routine continues like that with another song.
Balloon Stomp
Here is another fun indoor game that is easy to follow. The kids will have balloons tied around their ankles. Then each kid will run after the other, trying to burst the balloon. The fun of the game is where the player is trying to pop another player’s balloons while preventing others from popping his own. You can divide the players into groups to make it more competitive. However, this type of game requires a medium to large space where the kids can run easily. Remove any furniture or obstacle that could block their way.
Arm and Leg Tag
If your kids love the chase game, they will enjoy this one. However, it should be played carefully to avoid coming in contact with furniture and other household items. The main goal for this game is to tag both the legs and arms of the individual.
As long as the player still has an untagged leg or arm, they are still in the game. But once all limbs have been tagged, they will be out. This will continue until the final individual who has an untagged arm or leg. The classic chase game is a very interesting indoor game that brings in loads of laughter and fun. It’s also a good form of exercise in a rainy period.

These are some of the most interesting games you and your kids can enjoy while waiting out the rain or killing boredom. They are fun, interesting, and bring the family closer together.

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